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Antique Karabagh rug ("Talish") with polychrome boteh motifs in a medium blue ground

Code: KRBBT01

Age: 1880-1890

: 100x253cm

Size (ft): 3'3"x8'3"

Structure: wool pile, ivory wool warps and ivory wool wefts.

Knots: Gördes (Turkish, symmetrical)

Description: Antique southern Karabagh rug woven with 17 rows of shabalyd (chestnut) boteh motifs on a medium blue field. Each row contains three buta motifs, except 4 rows each have four buta motifs (three large butas + one baby buta)

Full thick pile. Few small repairs.

Beautiful rich contrasting natural colors. Alternating rows of butas create an animated rhythm throughout the field. Boteh motif might have different meanings in Azerbaijan culture. It may symbolize fertility, drop of water (seed of life), eternal life, pregnancy.

The rug is a rare example of extinct weaving art form of Karabagh. 

For a related example, see Siyawouch Azadi's "Azerbaijani Caucasian rugs" plate no: 213.

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Contact us for more information about this rug


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