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Oriental Rug Weaving


The Finest quality lambs wool is sheared, washed and bleached .Then the fibers are straightened and spun,  after this process is over dyed by one of the master dyers. the dyes are provided by vegetables, routs,  flowers and the fruit can be used to make these colorful dyes, such as root of madder plant, indigo, oak bark and larkspout or isparuk. After the dyeing   processing is done wool is hung posed under the sun to dray.


Warps threads of yarn that extend over the entire length of the rug, on which the weaver ties the knots.

Wefts threads of yarn that run across the width of the rug between the warp threads to hold the knots in place.

Knots are tied by looping yarn around pairs of warps, become the pile of the rug.
Edge binding rapping at the edge of the rug with yarn to reinforce this part of the rug.
End finishes hold knots and wefts from working off the rugs warp strings.
Fingers are formed by gathering and knotting together finishes tight at the rugs ends.

Carpet looms are sturdy frames, usually made of wooden timbers, designed to hold taut the warp strings upon which the weaver ties rows of knots.