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Antique Afshan Baku rug, Eastern Azerbaijan. Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Dated to 1750-1850. Inv no: 908-1903

Physical description
WARP: white wool; Z2S; 18 threads per inch (69 per dm)
WEFT: white cotton; Z2S; mostly 2 shoots after each row of knots; 9 knots per inch (34 per dm).
PILE: wool; 11 colours: dark red, red, light yellow, dark blue, blue, light blue, brown/red, brown, light brown, black, white; symmetrical knot tied
around 2 warp threads; 81 knots per sq. inch (1173 per sq. dm).
SIDE FINISH: both sides missing but a cord has been added later.
END FINISH: Lower missing but a 1.5 cm. maximum of plain weave with white cotton weft remains.
Upper: as lower.
DESIGN: Field: Dark blue ground with the Afshan design in one complete row and two half rows. The Lilies and their stems are white, other
stems are yellow, the central rosettes are red, those on the sides are red, light blue or brown.
Main Border: red ground with pseudo-kufic, white tracery.
Inner and Outer border: yellow ground with angular floral meander with red stems, blue leaves and dark and light brown blossoms.
Catalogue date: 07.05.97
Museum number