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AH 1232 (1828 AD) dated early Karabagh Cloudband rug, Azerbaijan

Sotheby's Sale: L03761 | Location: London
Auction Dates: Session 1: Wed, 15 Oct 03 2:00 PM

LOT 95 (of 85)
dated AH 1232/1828 AD

15,00025,000 GBP
Lot Sold. Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium: 19,200 GBP

MEASUREMENTS: 245 by 174cm., 8ft. by 5ft. 8in.

DATE OF OBJECT: dated AH 1232/1828 AD

The design of the present lot has clear links with early Caucasian 'dragon' and floral carpets. The bold serrated ivory leaves framing the central medallion are remnants of the forms which made up the lattice in earlier dragon carpets, and the rows of polychrome spikey-palmettes at either end of the field are very much like the palmettes which filled this same lattice in dragon carpets. For a full discussion of early Caucasian carpets see Yetkin, S, Early Caucasian Carpets in Turkey, Vol I & II, London, 1978. Closer parallels can be seen between the rug illustrated here and the rugs which Serare Yetkin discusses in her chapter on 'transitional' carpets, see for example a carpet which she catalogues as a 'transitional' type and dates to the 18th century, Yetkin, S, op.cit., Vol I, pl.28. Here too the central axis is emphasised by a large medallion, in this case expanding right to the edge of the field. As opposed to 'transitional' and floral carpets, this central hexagonal medallion, rather than appearing to form part of a infinite overall pattern, is very much the focus of the design. This centralisation and boldness of the central medallion further link this rug to later Caucasian rugs. The double-branched S-motifs which appear in the central indigo medallion make this rug a clear predecessor to such rugs as Kazak Chondoresk