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Antique Kuba rug from village of Dara-Chichi = Antico tappeto Kuba fatto nel villaggio di Dara-Chichi (Caucaso)


Item Details

  • Size: 266cm(H) x 133cm(W) / 8'9"(H) x 4'4"(W)

  • Region: Chi-Chi, Northeast Caucasus (Azerbaijan)

    Date: Third quarter 19th century (1850 - 1874)

  • Main Colour: Red

  • Other Colours: indigo, yellow, green, black, turquoise,white, blue, navy.

    Condition: Perfect

    NO REPAIRS, no holes, no stains. Full pile, original selvedges and ends. = Nessuna riparazione , ne' buchi, ne' macchie. Tappeto a pieno vello, originali cimose e testate. = Caucasus antique rug in perfect condition !. = tappeto caucasico antico perfetto !

  • Structure

    Pile wool warp wool / weft 2 shoots ( 1 shoot wool white ; 1 shoot cotton white ) = ordito lana / trama 2 passaggi ( 1 pass/ lana bianca; 1 passaggio cotone bianco )

  • Materials

    wool and cotton

  • Full Description

    Tchi-tchi from Shirvan (Caucasus / Kuba district). Lucca's Carpet

    Kurdangul border motif . =

    = Tchi-tchi provenienza Shirvan (Caucaso).

    Kurdangul motivo del bordo.

    Very fine knot, excellent colors and lustrous wool.

    This Caucasus rug is rather rare Chi-chi, because the piece has the colour of the field RED .

    Bright natural dyes.

    This antique Chi-Chi was woven in 19 th. century, around 1860 / 1870, from village of DARA-CHICHI (Kuba district in the Shirvan province).

    Finely knotted = Finemente annodato.