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Ref. No: 0105-05

Group: Karabagh

Sub-Group: Goja

Origin Country: AZERBAIJAN, Mountainous Karabagh

Historical Information: Researches showed that the first name of this design was "Khojavend" (In the territory of Northern Azerbaijan). The name is related with a town of the same name, Khojavend, which is located 4km to Agjabedi Town. Later in the 18th century, the weaving area of the carpet was expanded to neighbouring towns and villages, there it was called "Khojan". Since 19th century, Shusha (mountainous town in Karabagh) carpet makers named this carpet as "Goja".

The history of the carpet goes back to the 16th century. In that time, the professional carpet makers of Tebriz (Southern Azerbaijan) created a new pattern "Shah Abbasy". In one century the pattern was spread to the neighbouring areas, as well as to Karabagh. The first place that this pattern was re-created in Karabagh was Khojavend Town. But the best examples of "Goja" carpets were made in Shusha Town.

Technical Analysis: Density of Goja carpets generally varies from 35x35 to 40x40 per square decimeter. (from 120.000 to 160.000 knots per square meter)

The characteristic of old Goja carpets is having the oblong shape.

The height of pile: 6-8mm

Comments: "Goja" is considered as one of the best quality carpets of Karabagh Region.

Pile: WOOL

Warps: wool

Weft: wool

Density/Kpsm (knots per square meter): up to 150 000

Size: 140cmx310cm

Area: 4.34m2

Weight: ~10kg

Kg/m2: 2.3kg

AGE: old

Condition: general condition is very good for its age, has got a small repair


Researched and prepared by Vugar Dadashov