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Ref. No: 0407-20

Type: Karabagh

Group: Karabagh

Sub-Group: Lampa

Origin Country: AZERBAIJAN, Karabagh

General/Historical Information: This Karabagh type of carpets were woven mainly in Shusha District, the center of Karabagh Region.

In old times, this type carpets were made in complete sets; two side and one central piece. These big carpets adorned the old houses. In Karabagh dialect of Azeri Language, "lampa" means ceiling. Yes, the local people used to cover the ceilings of the rooms of their houses with the carpets. One of these beautiful carpets were decorating one of the most prominent Azeri commanders general Samed bey Mehmandarov's (1856-1931) house.

Art Analysis: Karabagh type of carpets are known for their cheerful and bright colors. Color gamma of these products is based on broad variety of natural (vegetative) paints. Amazing gamma of color combinations along with geometrical forms of vegetative and animal motives bring to these carpets a special identity, that allows to unite them into a separate type of "the Karabagh carpets".

Middle field of this carpet composition is completely filled with different decorative motives. Their shape, color and creative idea carefully combine these elements with each other. Each of them is subordinated to the general ornamental image of the carpet.

Lampa is considered as one of the most difficult carpet of Karabagh Carpet Art School. It possesses an original design, which could be seen in Khanlyq and Lachak Turunj carpets. We are talking about the shape of middle medallion. But the originality of Lampa carpets is in having a oblong shape octagonal medallion. At both sides of this medallion there are two oblong ketebe with blue background. It is also the originality of Lampa carpets. And at the end of both sides in central field there are gubba's (head). Shusha carpet masters call it "Chellek".

Another main element of central field is Parrot images, which beautify the general view of the carpet.  At the corner of central field there are lachak's, which also decorates the carpet. In old times, there were making these carpets in complete sets; two sides and one central carpet.

In oblong shaped side carpets the border are generally being narrow. In the central carpets the border (kayma) is thicker.

Pile: WOOL

Warps: wool

Weft: wool

Density/Kpsm (knots per square meter): up to 160 000

Colors: Naturally dyed

Size: 125cmx300cm

Area: 3.75m2

Weight: 10kg

Kg/m2: 2.66

AGE: More than 90 years

Condition: Some parts of the selvages have been corroded.

Technical Analysis: The main characteristic of Karabagh type of “Lampa” carpets is having an oblong shape.

Density of Karabagh Lampa carpets generally varies from 35x35 to 40x40 per square decimeter. (up to 160.000 knots per square meter)

The height of pile: 7-9mm

Researched and prepared by Vugar Dadashov

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