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Group: Karabagh
Sub-Group: Lempe
Country: Azerbaijan
Pile: wool
Warps: cotton
Wefts: cotton

Size: 130cmx300cm
Size (ft): 4'3"x9'8"
Age: 1940's
Description: Very rare Lempe design pile rug which was woven by Azeri's of Karabagh.  In old times, there were making these carpets in complete sets; two sides and one central carpet. These big carpets adorned the old houses. In Karabagh Azerian dialect "lampa" means ceiling. They were using these carpets to cover even the ceilings. One of these beautiful carpets were decorating one of the most prominent Azeri commanders general Samed bey Mehmandarov's (1856-1931) house.

There are mytical bird motives in this Karabagh Lempe rug.

Price: $850