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Ref. No: 0407-02

Type: Karabagh

Group: Karabagh

Sub-Group: Nakhchivan

Origin Country: AZERBAIJAN

General/Historical Information: This Karabagh type of carpets are mainly woven in carpet-weaving districts of Nakhchivan – Norashen, Shahbuz, Kolany, as well as Gorus, Julfa and Ordubad. Nakhchivan is one of the ancient cities of Azerbaijan. Nakhchivan is one of the most ancient towns of Azerbaijan. It is located on the right bank of the river of Nakhchivan, which is the left inflow of river Araz.

Nakhchivan from the ancient times is glorified by its decorative-applied arts and in particularly most widespread kind of this art on the East - carpet weaving. Carpets made by Nakhchivan craftsmen are known by their general style name "Nakhchivan".

This group includes carpets with geometrical patterns developed in various epochs by local craftsmen. These patterns usually have a very original lines. The middle field consists from thin strips - Madakhils. Generally, from the ancient times, the striped patterns were typical for artworks created in Nakhchivan. For example, in X century in Nakhchivan there was made a striped braid, which was very popular in other regions as well.

Halyh and carpets of the Nakhchivan style are mainly lengthened. The floors of the Palaces constructed in Nakhchivan usually were entirely covered by Halyh and carpets, the majorities from which were woven from silk. Especial development of this sphere of business in Nakhchivan happened in IX-XII centuries. Carpet weaving was the main business activity for local women and girls. However, the male artists frequently prepared the layout draft and color graphic pallet for a new carpet. Many recognized masters of this craft, received respect and love not only from their neighbors, but also from far outside Nakhchivan. In opinion of some researchers, Ajami Abubakr oglu Nackchivani, Ahmad Eiyub oglu Nackchivani and some other famous masters of carpet weaving personally participated in creating of weaving styles and decorating of carpets in other medieval cities of Azerbaijan.

Art Analysis: Karabagh type of carpets are known for their cheerful and bright colors. Color gamma of these products is based on broad variety of natural (vegetative) paints. Amazing gamma of color combinations along with geometrical forms of vegetative and animal motives bring to these carpets a special identity, that allows to unite them into a separate type of "the Karabagh carpets".

Middle field of this carpet composition is completely filled with different decorative motives. Their shape, color and creative idea carefully combine these elements with each other. Each of them is subordinated to the general ornamental image of the carpet.

The composition of the central field of carpet "Nakhchivan" consists of vertically located octagonal medallions. These medallions are characteristic to Karabagh type of Nakhchivan carpets. But it is also used in some Shirvan carpets such as Bijo Rugs.

The middle field has a velvet-looking black background, and this is very advantageous under big bright elements. Besides, numerous orange and blue elements give the carpet very cheerful color appearance.

This carpet has got a lot of similar characteristics with ancient Nakhchivan carpet (18th century) that is kept in Turkish-Islamic Arts Museum in Istanbul. Eight-pointed star inside that medallion, outward hooks around the medallions, vegetative and animal motives in the central field, alike border elements are very much similar with this carpet. (see L. Kerimov, Azerbaijan Carpets III)

Pile: WOOL

Warps: wool

Weft: wool

Density/Kpsm (knots per square meter): up to 85 000

Colors: Naturally dyed 10 = carrot orange, yellow, green grass, black, blue, shocking pink, maroon, cream, red and brown.

Size: 130cmx300cm

Area: 3.9m2

Weight: 9kg

Kg/m2: 2.3

AGE: more than 50 years

Condition: good

Technical Analysis: The main characteristic of Karabagh type of “Nakhchivan” carpets is having an oblong shape.

Density of Nakhchivan carpets generally varies from 28x28 to 35x35 per square decimeter. (122.000 knots per square meter)

The height of pile: 6-8mm

Researched and prepared by Vugar Dadashov

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