Ref. No: 0407-01

Type: Ganja-Kazakh

Group: Kazakh



Origin Country: AZERBAIJAN, Borchaly

General/Historical Information: The region where this carpet was made is Borchaly, which converted from the name "Bozchalu" - old Turkic tribe that moved from Sulduz*-very ancient district that was located in Southern Azerbaijan. At Safevid Dynasty's (Turkic origin dynasty) time, they were moved from southern part of the country to the north. As it is known, the cities - Tabriz, Ardabil, Sarab, Karadagh, Urmiya, Erak, Bijar, Esna, Farakhan that located in Southern Azerbaijan have been the center of carpet-weaving art.

Ancestors of Bozchalu tribe, that lived in Sulduz were dealing in carpet weaving in the region where located all these famous southern carpet-making cities. Later moved on to the north, Bozchalu tribe carpet art fell under influence of Kazakh carpet school, and, inspired with its traditions they continued the development of carpet weaving. Under the influence of these two carpet-making schools, the "Borchaly" subgroup of carpet school appeared. Carpet making districts such as Karayazy, Karachop, Lembely, Qyzyl Hajyly, Gavur-arkh etc. represent "Borchaly" carpet school.

Art Analysis: "Zeynat-nishan" variant of "Borchaly" carpets have been made in Gyzyl Hajyly village, which is located to the northwest of Borchaly city. This varian of Borchaly carpets are also called as "Kilseli".

This carpet's main element that distinguishes it from other carpets in the region is a cross-shaped medallion, which is taking place in the center of a medial field.

The medallion, considered as the basic attribute of the given carpet, actually represents the hero in a thick felt cloak, and a big shaggy papaq(cap) that made of sheep wool. The drawing is strongly stylized. It is possible to see the similar drawings on the gravestones that belong to 9-10th centuries BC, in Tabasaran region. This area entered in Azerbaijani Shirvan district in earlier times, but at the present time situated in the territory of Dagestan (Russia)

Pile: pure wool

Warp&Weft: cotton

Density/Kpsm (knots per square metre): up to 140 000

Colors: 7 = moss green, red, dark blue, sea blue, pale beige, light mustard, night sky blue (Naturally dyed)

Size: 154cmx123cm

Area: 1.9 m2

Weight: 4.8kg

Kg/m2: 2.52

AGE: about 70 years

Condition: Some pile on one edge of the carpet are slightly corroded

Technical Analysis: Size of "Borchaly" carpets varies from region to region. The carpets that made in Lembely are generally being bigger size than another region's rugs.

Density of Borchaly carpets varies from 30x30 to 37x37 per square decimeter. (from 80.000 to 137.000 knots per square meter)

The height of pile: 8-12mm 

Comments: There is a "Borchaly-Zeynat Nishan" carpet with exactly the same ornaments as this carpet in Decorative Arts Museum in Budapesht, Hungary

*Sulduz -ancient city. Situated in western part of South Azerbaijan. In 1958 during archeological researches, they have found an ancient civilization on Hasanlu Hills. A golden cup, weighing 950 gr (8-9th century BC), with different kind of drawings was among the findings.

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