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Ref. No: 0407-14

Type: Ganja-Kazak

Group: Kazak

Sub-Group: Shykhly

Variant: Baghca (Garden), Namazlyq (Prayer)  

Origin Country: AZERBAIJAN, Shykhly village

General/Historical Information: The name of the carpet is related with the village of the same name, Shykhly , which is located 30 km from the region center - Kazak. There is a village of the same name in Turkey, which is considered to be related with Azerbaijan Shykhly. The village was also named before as Padshakhly, that means Shah's (King's) Place. The Shykhly family, settled here in 15th century.
Art Analysis: Shykhly carpets are considered as one of the most artistic carpets of the region. There are 3-4 type of Shykhly carpets. (Bandi Rumi, Baghcha, Aghajly, Namazlyq)

This is the Baghcha type of Shykhly carpet. The square medallions are the main characteristic of this carpet. The background of squares are generally blue. But the main background of central field is always red.

Pointed edge of this carpet shows that the carpet was made for prayer.

Pile: WOOL

Warp&Weft: cotton

Density/Kpsm (knots per square meter): up to 100.000 knots

Colors: Naturally dyed

Size: 140cmx300cm

Area: 4.2m2

The height of pile: 8-10 mm

AGE: 1959 (dated on the carpet), 45 years old

very good

Technical Analysis: Density of Shykhly carpets varies from 26x26 to 32x32 per square decimeter. (from 60.000 to 100.000 knots per square meter)

The prayer type of Kazak rugs are considered as one of the most exclusive carpets of Azerbaijan. And it is rare-found carpet.

Researched and prepared by V.R. Zargarli (Dadashov)


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