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Ref. No: 0407-07

Type: Kuba-Shirvan

Group: Kuba

Sub-Group: ALPAN

Origin Country: AZERBAIJAN, Kuba

General/Historical Information: The name of Alpan Carpets that belong to Kuba Group of Azerbaijan Carpets, related with the village “Alpan” that located 8 km to northwest of Kuba City, on Susay-chay. These carpets are made also in neighbour villages such as Susay, Sabat, even in some villages in Qusar Region.

The word “Alpan” derives from ancient state Alban – which was existed from 4th century BC until 7th century AD, for 1100 years in the territory of Northern Azerbaijan.

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Art Analysis: The composition of a central field of this carpet is based on square shebeke-ornamental field. It consists of symmetrically repeating medallions that is located from each other in an average distance. These small and medium sized polygonal “gol”s – medallions are one of the basic elements of the composition.

Carpet masters of the village “Alpan”, call the medium sized medallions “Charhovuz” - that means pool, and the small elements that are situated on it – “ordek” (duck).  There are some other small elements of different forms on the carpet, which is very characteristic for Kuba type of carpets.

Around these “gol”s – medallions, the element is situated, which is the basis of the composition of this carpet. The local carpet masters call this element "Kharchang" (Crab).  It must be mentioned that, these elements (kharchang), both at width and at length, can be repeated according to the general sizes of a carpet. But on small carpets, these ornaments repeat only five or six times.

In most cases, the central field of Alpan carpets is either dark blue or blue. Red or bright brown background could be found. The color of the borders varies due to the color of the central field.

Pile: pure wool

Warp&Weft: cotton

Density/Kpsm (knots per square metre): up to 145 000

Colors: 9 = dark blue, mustard, firebrick, sea green, beige, salmon pink, red, grey blue, maroon (Naturally dyed)

Size: 140cmx102cm

Area: 1.43 m2

Weight: 3.3 kg

Kg/m2: 2.30

AGE: 60 years old

Condition: Some pile on one edge of the carpet are slightly corroded

Technical Analysis: Size of “Alpan” carpets varies from 100cmx150cm to 125x180cm. Rarely bigger size of carpets are available.

Density of Alpan carpets varies from 38x38 to 45x45 per square decimeter. (from 145.000 to 200.000 knots per square meter)Some carpets have 250.000 kpsm.

The height of pile: 5-7mm

Comments: Antique or semi-antique carpets “Alpan” is rarely found between carpet dealers.

Resource: 1) Azerbaijan Carpets, L. Karimov, People’s artist of Azerbaijan, USSR state prize winner, Doctor of Art, Head of the Decorative-Applied Arts of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, carpet making art specialist 2) Decorative and Applied Arts of Azerbaijan in Museums of World, Rasim Efendiyev

2) Murray L.Eiland & Murray Eiland III, Oriental Rugs: A complete guide

Researched and prepared by Vugar Dadashov

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