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Group: Kuba
Sub-Group: Konagkend
Country: Azerbaijan
Pile: pure wool
Warps: cotton
Wefts: cotton
Size: 153cmx272cm
Size (ft): 5'0"x8'9"
Age: 1960's
Description: Velvety and shiny wool. fringes. Real colors can be realized by comparing these two photos. The central field is dominated by a traditional large cruciform medallion, very similar to the one found on traditional Caucasian Azeri Sumak rugs. This medallion is the geometric form of Turunj medallion, which has been used in the decoration of Islamic books,  architectural buildings and engravings of the gravestones since 9th century. Since ethnology of Qonaqkend is directly connected to ancient Albania (Albania was the first state in the Caucasia, which accepted "early simple Christianity"), there is a possibility that this medallion depicts a "cross".

Price: $1200