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Ref. No: 0407-11

Type: Guba-Shirvan

Group: Guba

Sub-Group: Gollu Chichi (read as Chee-Chee)

Origin Country: AZERBAIJAN, Daraçiçi Village

General/Historical Information:  The design is believed firstly to be used in Karabagh region since the last quarter of XVIII century. Later it was brought to North Eastern carpet making districts of Azerbaijan, such as Nobur in Shirvan and Darachichi in Kuba (the village is located 15 km to the south of Kuba City). The carpet is also very well known in Turkmenistan and Dagestan.

Carpet connoisseurs call this carpet "Shirvan", also "Dagestan", even sometimes they call it Zeikhur" by mistake. Old carpet makers of Shirvan named this carpet as "Qollu Göl", and skillful carpet masters of Chichi village call it "Qollu Chichi" or "Eespy-gül". (means white flower)

From 18th century this carpet was very well known in Russian Nijneqorod and Turkish Istanbul markets. In the beginning of 20th century the demand for Qollu Chichi's decreased for some reasons.

Art Analysis:
The main elements of this carpet are the branches (qol), that are situated around the four corners of cross medallions. This branches are very characteristic to the middle ages Khatai composition which was used for the decoration of fabrics, metallic wares, and book decorations. The branches that is existed in Khatai composition are called "Qol", here the name "Qollu Chichi" (Branchy Chichi Rug) comes from.

The borders of some "
Gollu Chichi" carpets are called "Dolana-Qarmaq" or "Kayma Dolangach". Also modern carpet makers call it "Kashy" or "Chakhmaq".

Pile: WOOL

Warp&Weft: cotton

Density/Kpsm (knots per square meter): (40x50) up to 200 000

Colors: Naturally dyed

Size: 135cmx205cm

Area: 2.77m2

AGE: new

Condition: very good

Technical Analysis: Density of "Gollu Chichi" carpets varies from 40x50 to 50x60 per square decimeter. (from 200.000 to 300.000 knots per square meter)

The height of pile: 4-5 mm

Comments: Carpet "Gollu Chichi" with white background is considered as one of the best quality samples of Guba Region.

Researched and prepared by Vugar Dadashov


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