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So called Lesgi-star carpets…First of all, it must be mentioned that there is no such a term used for this type of rugs in Caucasia. Whether if it belongs to Lezgins or Turks (Azeris) none of these nations use this term for this rug.
Historical point of view. The 18th century Zeyve rug which can be found in Bibiheybat Mosque Collection in Baku is the oldest Zeyve that is survived. This carpet was demonstrated in 1926 in the exhibition in Kuba (Kuba) town. This fact tell us that the history of this carpet goes back at least 250-300 years.

The main places where Zeyve type of carpets have been woven:
1)Jamjamly – Shirvan Area (Gobustan Region)
2)Zeyve Village – between Kuba and Devechi towns.
3)Goycha – western Azerbaijan. Around the lake Goycha (today’s Sevan) --- In this area, Turkic Qara Qoyunlu (Black sheep) tribe was settled. The rugs that were made in this area was called Qara qoyunlu. The area was given to Armenia in 1920th, by Soviet Communist Regime. And the last Azeri Turks were expelled from the region in 1988-89.
4)Ganja (calls also Gadim Ganja (Ancient Ganja)) –one of the biggest cities of Azerbaijan.

The simplest ‘Zeyve’ design is in Qara-Qoyunlu and Ganja carpets. And then comes Jamjamly. The most complicated one is in Zeyve Village carpets.

Letif Kerimov’s opinions:
Since he was honoured art worker of Azerbaijan, people’s artist of the republic (in soviet time this rank was considered as a great thing, and it still like that), USSR State Prize Laureate, Doctor of Arts and he grew up in a carpet maker family I trust his works, and He was also the head of the Department of Decorative-Applied Arts of the Institute of Architecture and Art of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

He thinks the history of angular “Zeyve” medallion goes back to medieval ages. He mentioned in his book that the same pattern is used in the western coasts of Black Sea too, (this area was settled by western Huns since the beginning of era)
He met with old carpet makers of these areas, where this type of carpets have been made, according to them the people call these carpets “Gadim Zeyve” (ancient Zeyve), this again proves that the history of this carpet is quite old. He also mentions that the old carpet makers of Shirvan Area calls this carpet “Jamly Zeyva”, which shows the connection between Jamjamly and Zeyva…
About Lezgi star…I rather would say that this small ethnic group (Lezgi) was influenced by North Azerbaijan carpet making school, instead of saying that all these areas of Azerbaijan (which most of them even has no closeness to the area where Lezgi people live) was influenced by Lezgis.

Vugar Dadashov