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Ref. No: 0407-03

Type: Kuba-Shirvan

Group: Shirvan

Sub-Group: Bijo

Origin Country: AZERBAIJAN, Shirvan Area

General/Historical Information: Bijo carpets are included in Shirvan group of Azerbaijani carpets. The name is related with the village of the same name, which is located 17 kilometers far from Shamakhy. 

These carpets are also made in neighbor villages such as Gashad, Goylar, Pirhasanly, Udullu.
From the technical and artistic points of view "Bijo" carpets are considered the most glorified carpets of not only Shirvan Area, but all Caucasus Region.

In the second half of 19th century, the carpet "Bijo" gained a great popularity with its national colors and complex ornamental composition. It was considered as a best gift for any occasions. These carpets were far-famed between the foreign carpet-masters and collectors.

Art Analysis: The composition of the central field of carpet "Bijo" consists of vertically located octagonal medallions. There is another characteristic element that is located around the medallions and intervals of the central field - local carpet masters call it "bukme". These elements are considered as the basic elements of this carpet. Medakhil, zenjire and kayma are also characteristic elements of this carpet.
Large elements with the hooks, which take place in the center of medallions, "bukme" pattern, that is scattered around the medallions, and also the basic construction of the carpet take the origin of this carpet to the ancient period.

Pile: WOOL

Warps: wool

Weft: cotton

Density/Kpsm (knots per square meter): up to 170 000

Colors: 10 = Blood red, maroon, mustard yellow, dark blue, cream, black, sea green, orange, light blue, sky blue (Naturally dyed)

Size: 120cmx190cm

Area: 2.28m2

Weight: 5.3kg

Kg/m2: 2.32

AGE: new. Yarn that was spun for this carpet was taken from an antique shirvan rug.

Condition: very good

Technical Analysis: The size of "Bijo" carpets vary from 120cmx190cm to 150cmx250cm

Runners, with the size of 120x300 are also made with the same composition. 

Density of Bijo carpets varies from 40x40 to 55x55 per square decimeter. (from 160.000 to 300.000 knots per square meter) 

The height of pile: 4-5mm 

Comments: Carpet "Bijo" is considered as one of the best samples of World Carpet Art. A Bijo carpet was depicted in the painting of famous painter Hans Memling.(1433-1494)
The Virgin and Child with an Angel, St. George and a Donor. c. 1470-80. Oil on wood. National Gallery, London, UK

Researched and prepared by Vugar Dadashov

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