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Ref. No: 0407-22

Group: Kuba

Sub-Group: Syrt Chichi

Origin: Azerbaijan, Syrtchichi Village


General Information: Syrt Chichi village is located 20 kms to the south of Kuba, close to Dere Chichi village. Rugs with this design were made in other neighboring villages as well, but Syrt Chichi and Dere Chichi villages are resposible for most of the production.

Art Analysis:
The design of the Syrt Chichi is alike to Khyrda-Gul Chichi design, but it contains some differences at the same time. Syrt Chichi elements are denser and they stand closer to each other; there is no many supplementary elements in spite of Khyrda Gul Chichi. The size of the elements are larger and they are in different shapes. While the "Bashmaq" is the main element of Khyrda Gul Chichi design, Syrt Chichi's main element is considered "Alcha-gul". These are the names which probably used by the local weavers since ealy to mid 19th century. The element is a small version of the so called Memling Gul, which can be seen in some paintings of the famous Medieval European painter Hans Memling (1433-1494). (i.e., The Virgin and Child with an Angel, St. George and a Donor. c. 1470-80. Oil on wood. National Gallery, London, UK)

Another element of the central field is octagonal "charkh" (wheel). The name of the elements are in Azerbaijani Turkish language.

The border composition of Syrt Chichi carpets consists of medakhil, zanjira, main and secondary "kaymas"/borders. The main kayma/border in a 'black' ground is used also in other type of Kuba carpets, such as Zeyve. But its mostly characteristic to Syrt Chichi carpets. At both sides of main kayma, after two zanjira's, there are secondary kayma's, which are called "ulduz" (means star). At both sides of these 'ulduz's, medakhil's is situated, which is called as "mollabashy" by local carpet masters .

The ground color of Syrt Chichi carpets can be in ivory, blue, red, yellow or green. Green Chichis are the rarest ones.

Density of "Syrt Chichi" carpets varies from 40x40 to 55x55 per square decimeter. (from 160.000 to 300.000 knots per square meter)

The structure of the above rug:

Pile: wool
Warp&Weft: wool
Colors: all natural
Area: 2.26m2
Pile height: 4-6 mm


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