Hand woven rare authentic Caucasian rugs and carpets directly from the country
where they've been made for ages


Village and tribal rugs of Azerbaijan

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A Guide to Antique and Historical Rugs of Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey/Anatolia

"Renaissance of Antique Caucasian Rugs": The project aims to rediscover the long-forgotten secrets of Antique Caucasian Azerbaijan Rugs


"Azerbaijan rugs" is the only comprehensive source on the web which is dedicated particularly to Caucasian Azerbaijani rugs. Over 10 000 rugs and textiles are displayed in this website, also numerous informational and educational articles, essays, and illustrations to inspire you. Research is continuously being done and will be presented to you to bring out the most objective information about the Caucasian rugs which has been mostly misused and misunderstood in the history, intentionally or unintentionally by different sources.

We also specialize in all kind of - new, mid-20th century, old, semi-antique and antique Caucasian rugs and carpets, including pile rugs, kilims, sumaks, shadda, jajim, zili, verni (verneh), khurjun, heybe, also handmade embroideries and other ethnic Caucasian textiles.

Why "Azerbaijan Rugs"?

...artistic expression, beauty, rarity and cultural importance...that is what makes our rugs  unique.

Originality: We are dealing only with origin al Caucasian rugs. All our Caucasian rugs and carpets, with various designs, are woven in Azerbaijan (Kazak rugs, Kuba rugs, Shirvan rugs, Baku rugs, Tabriz rugs, Ardabil rugs, Ganja rugs, Karabakh rugs, Shusha rugs, Derbend rugs, Talish rugs) 95% of Caucasian named rugs are Azerbaijan rugs. Therefore, if you care about originality be ware of the rugs with Caucasian designs that are made in other countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and China, as most of them were duplicated in a haphazard fashion and do not represent their origins in design elements and workmanship.

Quality of the materials and structure:
The best quality 100% handspun and hand carded wool, also pure natural dyes such as madder, or cochineal, weld, euphorbia-spurge, indigo, onion, walnut husks, pomegranate skins etc. are used in our rugs. The quality of our old Caucasian rugs has already been proven by their age and our new production is based on revival of antique designs, natural dyes and old weaving traditions. Our Caucasian rugs were made exactly the same way as the rugs were made thousands of years ago. These rugs will provide character, class and style to almost any setting. They will last a lifetime, retain and gain value. They are at once art, floor covering, and investment.

Authenticity: All our Caucasian rugs are certified with authenticity from The State Museum of Azerbaijan Carpet and Applied Art

Rarity: Our Caucasian rugs are not the result of mass production! Each Caucasian rug is unique and one of a kind. Ninety-five percent of all oriental rugs and carpets made today are woven with inexpensive processed wool which has been spun into yarn by machine, and then colored with modern synthetic dyes. The result is a rug which appears precise and lifeless with no variation in design, texture, or coloration. This is how most modern oriental rugs are made.

Affordability: We offer our collection of exceptional Caucasian carpets at competitive prices.








Ornamental Elements of Caucasian Azerbaijani Rugs

A guide to the ornamental elements of the Caucasian rugs (600 drawings under 20 different categories)

A map of historical
weaving provinces of Azerbaijan


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Guide to care and clean

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Medieval Oriental Manuscripts

Oriental Rugs in Old Master Paintings
(~ 400 medieval paintings exhibited in this section)

Old Historical Photographs
of Rug Weaving Nations

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