Here, you might have a chance to learn carpet making in progress and to buy rugs with the expert advice of our team. You will be informed about every step of carpet making from choosing hand-spun wool, dyeing them with natural dyes (madder/runas, cochineal, euphorbia-spurge, weld, indigo, onion, walnut husks, camomile, helichrysum (everlasting flower), pomegranate rinds, sorrel (rumex acetosa), parsley are examples of the natural dyes that we use in our carpets) to hand-knotting and other details.

Virtually, any size, shape, color and design can be produced to exact specifications.


All our rugs are completely
hand knotted with the best quality pure sheep wool from Azerbaijan. 100% naturally colored handspun yarns are used in our workshops. When a rug is being woven, the original specific characteristics of the rug (Kazak, Kuba, Shirvan or Karabagh) are taken into consideration. It means our rugs are made exactly the same way as the rugs were made for hundreds of years ago. The knot density, the thickness of the pile and the colors are being made according to original antique samples.

Our rugs are the highest quality on the market.


The selection of rug colour is a personal choice & the most important one. Our custom rug comes in almost every colour, pattern, and texture you can imagine. You will want to select a colour that grounds & connect your decorative elements and creates the atmosphere you desire.

We can match any medium for colour; fabric, paint chips or any textile you might have as a colour reference. Custom colours are available on any kind of patterns, size or quality. This will allow you to have a true custom rug that will give you one of a kind décor for your home or office. Rug is the foundation of any room's décor. It can be a neutral colour, blending in with fabrics or it can be a vibrant focal point of the room, making a statement that reflects your own style.


We mostly work with original Caucasian rug designs. But the clients who have a specific design in mind (for instance, to match an existing pattern), or who wish to create an entirely original design for their rug, are encouraged to contact us. We are pleased to work with you or your designer, to produce a beautiful rug to your unique specifications.

If you have your own design or your company logo, you want to emphasize, you can have that design incorporated into a custom rug. The resulting rug will complement your decor and really attract people's attention. Designs can be very simple or very detailed and can involve different colours.


Think of the rug as the foundation for your room. The rug should be big enough to anchor the furniture grouping, however rugs are not floor covering.

Your area rug should be placed proportionately in the room. For example, too small looks like a postage stamp. Too big covers all the hardwood.

In Dining rooms - Chairs should always remain on your rug, even when extended out. Measure the dining table & add a minimum 48" or 120cm to length & width.

In Family rooms and Living rooms - Furniture can be placed on the rug, at the edge of the rug, or a combination of both. As a rule of thumb, 12"-18"or 30cm-45cm of flooring will frame your area-rug ( art ) in any room, setting the area apart and giving you maximum flexibility with furniture arrangements.

Special Design Rugs can be hung in a special place in your house.

Unlike standard runners, our custom runners come in your sizes - fitting your hallway for a dramatic, well-designed look. To get a perfect fit, measure your hallway and subtract 18" or 45cm from the shortest and longest measurements.

Need measuring advice for a situation we haven't covered here or like to have more information on how to measure special shapes and cuts? Email us. Our friendly design team will be happy to help.

Size Guide can also help you to determine the size of your rug too

Delivery Time

We usually process your order in 30-60 days depending upon the size, design and quality of rugs. We will confirm your estimated arrival date, when we confirm the order.

Please allow extra time for delivery if any unforeseen situations occur in Baku, Azerbaijan. We will have you updated of weaving process & email you photos of your rug in the making.

Delivery time for the strike off sample ( if required ) is approximately 4 weeks.

Delivery time shown in the above is estimates based on normal production and shipping times. The times shown include business days after receipt of a complete order and exclude holidays.


Our prices are very competitive. There is no middle-man involved. So your order is directly woven & shipped from our workshop in Baku to your door.

- Contact us to get the standard price list for custom made rugs.
- 50% deposit is required with the confirmed order & the remaining balance is required before the order is shipped.
- Custom orders are non-refundable & non-exchangeable

Shipping & Delivery Charges

contact us for a quote.

How to Order

1- Choose a design from our collections or send us your own sketch.
2- Choose your colours from our colour blanket.
3- Choose the size & shape, whether Rectangle , Square , Round , Oval or any Odd shapes.
4- If you prefer, we will weave you a strike off corner sample size of 18" x 24" or 45cm x 60cm at our cost. Slight adjustments can be performed at this stage before final production.  A non-refundable downpayment of $500  is required to begin the dying process.

5- We will require 50% deposit with confirmed order and 50% is due on completion of the rug before shipment.
6- We accept all major Credit cards, Bank draft, Money order, Cashiers check.