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Antique Kazak rug

Code: KZPR01

Age: late 19th century

: 165x240cm

Size (ft): 5'4"x7'10"

Structure: wool pile, ivory wool warps and 2-3 shots of ivory & tan color wool wefts.

Knots: Gördes (Turkish, symmetrical)

Description: The dark indigo field with scattered tribal and figural motifs around a central column of serrated panels containing similar geometric motifs flanked by paired polychrome cusped curling spandrels, in a yellow border of polychrome angular "facing birds" motif between reciprocal ivory and dark brown zigzag and narrow barber-pole minor stripes

Condition: The pile partially low. Spotted repair areas in the border. The edges, outer border and fringes are rewoven.


- Brooklyn Museum, inv. no: 86.227.103

- Orient Stars Collection, plate 108

- Christie's 18 October 2001, lot 250 Rolf Warner Kosterlitz Collection, Oxford (later with Eberhart Herrmann and Joseph Ritman Collection) - sold $54 520

- Christie's 11 Jun 2008, lot 101 - sold 27,500 USD (1872 dated)

- Raymond Benardout, Caucasian rugs, plate 85

- John Eskenazi, L'Arte del Tappeto Orientale, plate 70

For antecedents:

- Serare Yetkin, Early Caucasian rugs, plate 47

- Philips, London, 10 October 2000, lot 120

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Contact us for more information about this rug


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