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Antique Kuba Dragon Sumakh ('soumac')

Code: KUDR01N

Age: ~1880

: 206x325cm

Size (ft): 6'9"x10'7"

Description: The shaded soft red field with a variety of tribal motifs, small floral motifs, stylised animals, stars and palmettes around a bold design of interlaced serrated ivory and green panels linking similar panels, each containing similar minor motifs and enclosing large yellow hooked stylised palmettes, in a golden yellow border of polychrome octagons containing archaic addorsed C-motifs divided by hooked panels between indigo rosette and minor mill pattern stripes, outer running dog stripe. Some old repairs throughout

Some authors see dragons with spread celadon green wings, their legs and claws stylized on the ivory background, their brick bodies decorated with polychrome entomological shapes acting as thorax and blue and ivory horned heads for two of them.

The stylized flaming lion and chilin motif can also be seen in this example, which is a part of early (16-18th century) Dragon rug motifs.

Other Kuba Dragon sumakh examples with this 'addorsed C' type border:

Sotheby's 12 October 2005, lot 71

Sotheby's 12 October 2005, lot 85

Rippon Boswell 26. November 2011, lot 159

Hali Magazine, issue 29 (1986), J.P. Willborg, page 57

Tabibnia Dragon sumakh rug

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