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Kazak Pinwheel rug with swastika motives

Size (metric): 156x206cm
Size (ft): 5'1"x6'9"
Area: 3.21 m2
Density: 106 000 knots per square meter, totally 340 000 knots
Dyes: 100% natural dyes: madder, weld (Reseda Luteola), indigo, pomegranate skins, natural brown sheep wool, natural ivory sheep wool
Materials: Handcarded and handspun wool for pile, wool warps and madder dyed red wefts
Handwoven in Kazak Region, Azerbaijan

The design is distinguished by the typical "Pinwheel" or Swastika shaped archaic devices located in the central field. The swastika is an ancient symbol, often interpreted with celestial connotations, and viewed by Hans Bidder* as representing the heavens with the center of the swastika as the north star with the twisting arms of the motif symbolizing the movement of the constellations around that focal point. It is graphically portrayed in many weavings from Caucasian Azerbaijan, including the Bordjalou and Kazak areas. This element is called "Dörd-buynuz" (means "four rams") or "Damga" (Tamga) in Kazak region.

A 2600 years old cup found in Hasanlu Tepe (an archeological site of an ancient city located in West Azerbaijan Province, a short distance south of Lake Urmia) depicts a similar swastika motif.

Antique Pinwheel Kazaks are very rare and highly favored by collectors.

* - the author of the book "Carpets from Eastern Turkestan known as Khotan, Samarkand and Kansu carpets"

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pic1. different type of pinwheel/swastika motives


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