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Caucasian Kuba Konagkend Sumakh Flatweave
Code: KUSU10
Size: 200x230cm
Size (ft): 6'6"x7'6"
Area: 4.6 m2
Dyes: 100% natural dyes: madder, spurge / euphorbia, indigo, pomegranate skins
Materials: Handcarded and handspun wool
Weaving method:
Wefts (horizontal yarns) are wrapped around the warps (vertical strands of wool; fringe is a part of it).
Hand woven in Northern Kuba, Azerbaijan
Design: The light brick-red field scattered with small floral lozenges and rosettes together with a stepped alternating sea-blue lozenge medallion, containing angular floral and geometric tribal motifs around a central madder red octagonal panel with rosettes and a cruciform centrepiece, the lozenges divided by paired golden yellow octagonal panels, each flanked by dart-motifs, the design enclosed within a band of various rosettes and floral lozenges, in a main border of alternating polychrome horned motifs between X motif minor borders and "running dog" or "water" motif outer border

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