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Antique "Frog Kazak" prayer rug / namazlyg, 19th century, Borchaly / Bordjalou Uyezd, Lambali District (Northern Lori Region). published Ian Bennett's Oriental Rugs Volume I, plate 4.

Another unusual prayer rug with natural ivory field and borders. The single large medallion relates this piece closely to the following group of Lori-Pambak rugs. This is one of three published examples of this type the other two (Charles W, Jacobsen, Oriental Rugs, pl. 152, Peter Bausback "Antike Orienlteppiche", p. 159) have square white fields, in other words are not prayer rugs. All three have almost identical colour arrangeents; the present rug and the Jacobsen piece have versions of
the leaf-and-calyx border, the Bausback rug a simple zig-zag-and -cruciform design. An example illustrated by Raoul Tschebull, "The Development of Four Kazak Designs", Hali, vol. 1. no. 3, seems to be the same piece as that illustrated by Jacobsen. Tschebull links this piece to other examples of the so-called Lori-Pambak group and implies that examples of this type are late in date. Second half of the 19th century. 141x110 cm.