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Antique Bordjalou rug, so called "Sewan Kazak" rug, c1860, Borchaly / Bordjalou Uyezd, Karapapakh tribe. private collection, Czech Republic. 167x208cm

The Czech town of Pilsen, particularly well-known for its beer production, has hosted the rug exhibition 'Oriental Rugs and Carpets from Czech Private Collections' since June this year. The show of fifty carpets and rugs from five private Czech Collections is set to continue at Pilsen's Museum of West Bohemia until 29 August 2004.

The 18th to early 20th century rugs on display represent the tastes of the Czech collectors. It is clear from the exhibits that these collectors have a strong appreciation of Caucasian weaving since the core of the show is a group of Kazaks, including several Karachov, Borchalu, Lori Pambak and Sevan rugs, as well as Shirvans and Kubas. A Ladik prayer rug and a Bergama, both dated to the 18th century, are just some of the Turkish carpets included in the exhibition while Persian examples include a 19th century Baluch and a silk Kashan rug, 1860. The exhibition catalogue informs us that there is not a history of interest in nomadic textiles in the Czech Republic but the handful of main carpets and other weavings prove that Turkmen craft is an exception to this rule.

This was the first exhibition to be organised by the Prague-based Chintamanis club, a group of carpet collectors and enthusiasts formed in 2001. It is named after a short story called 'Chintamani and Birds', about a carpet collector who yearns for a white ground Ushak with both patterns, written by Czech author Karel Capek in the 1920s.

The 42 page Czech catalogue contains an English summary and illustrates thirty of the exhibited carpets. For further information please contact Zdenka Klimtova, chintamani@seznam.cz

'Oriental Rugs and Carpets from Czech Private Collections'
The Museum of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Zapadoceske Muzeum v Plzni)
51 Kopeckeho sady 2
301 36 Pilsen
Czech Republic