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Antique Karabagh Sunburst Chelebi rug, Western Karabagh Region, Kalbajar District, Azerbaijan

Rippon Boswell & Co.
Catalogue: Major Spring Auction
Auction date: Saturday 29. May 2010 at 03 PM

Lot: 78
Chelaberd: This Chelaberd from the private collection of deceased New York gallery owner Vojtech Blau represents the early design type of the group, with only one sunburst medallion and two large, halved flowers framed by a semi-circular arch decorated with vines at the ends of the field. Derived from the design repertoire of older, 18th century Caucasian workshop carpets, the designs migrated to a rural environment, where a new compositional context was invented for them. Small flowers, palmettes and animals complete the primary design. Schürmann illustrated a very similar example. Corroded and repiled brown sections, newly overcast sides. Original end finishes, but restored in places, one stitched tear.
Origin: South Caucasus, Karabagh
Size: 214 x 139 cm
Age: Second half 19th century
Estimate: 17.000,00 €
Literature: SCHÜRMANN, ULRICH, Caucasian Rugs. Ramsdell 1974, no. 28, p. 112