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Antique Karabagh "Kasim Ushag" rug, Elisabethpol Governorate (Елизаветпольская губерния), Zangezur Uyezd, Kasim Ushak Oba, Lachin District, Azerbaijan. Khaksouri Collection. 133 x 195 cm. published at Siyawouch Azadi "Azerbaijani Caucasian rugs" plate no: 232

The central field on a midnight blue ground is dominated by a brownish-red octagonal medallion with two appendages in the same colour. The octagons hem on a brown-beige ground has a vine meander which is complemented by bird motifs. The second medallion on a red ground is dominated by four green palmettes which are arranged crosswise. Four appendages and eight wreath-like annexes are other components of the inner drawing. An eight-pass medallion with light outlines complements the centre's ornamentation. Two wreath-like figures on a light ground enclose the appendages at the top and bottom. Triangles with hooks decorate the four corners of the central field. The main border on a brown-beige ground shows a bent and broken vine meander which is complemented by double-crosses (amulets). Two stripes of reciprocal triangles (spearheads or arrow heads) flank the main border and make up the outer and inner revetment.


Warps: Wool, Z3s, light beige and light brown

Weft: camel hair, Z2, brown beige, 2 wefts waved, occasionally 2 wefts

Pile: Wool, Z2; Camel hair, Z2, brown beige

Pile height: 7mm

Knots: Symmetrical, H 30, V 30 = 900 knots /dm2

Colours: 12