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AH 1335 (1916 AD) dated Karabagh "Kasim Ushag" rug, Elisabethpol Governorate (Елизаветпольская губерния), Zangezur Uyezd.

Ian Bennett writes: Dated AH 1335 (1916) this example affords us a good yardstick with which to measure the others. The format is typical, with a huge cruciform central medallion with a red ground and a white ground medallion in the middle, and two large inward pointing white ground bars at either end of the field on a dark blue ground. Several dyes within the piece is probably synthetic, including a deep orange yellow and apprently faded grey-green. Some of the angular latch hook ornaments within the white bars and the four grey green figures which flank the central white medallion seem to retain zoomorphic vestiges, especially the latter which may be all that remain of the original dragon figures. The elements which appear in the spade shape medallions at top and bottom of the large cruciform are closely related to the main motifs of the Chelaberd rugs. The floral crab border is as often found on these rugs as on the previous group. 132 x 248 cm. published Ian Bennett's Oriental Rugs, Volume I, plate 99