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AH 1282 (=1865 AD) dated Karabagh "Kasim Ushag" rug, Elisabethpol Governorate (Елизаветпольская губерния), Zangezur Uyezd. published Ian Bennett's Oriental Rugs, Volume I, plate 98

Ian Bennett writes: "This piece is. in design, far more closely related to the 17th century embroideries than any other of the rugs illustrated here. The white bars are more interestingly drawn and have not been reduced to the more usual straight-sided forms. Similarly, there is no central cruciform medallion, only two thin bracket bars at either end. The motifs within the white bars are more free and there is a wealth of well-constructed ornamentation throughout the field. It bears a date, or rather two dates; the upper one reads 1293 A.H. (A.D. 1876/7), which would make it one of the two earliest recorded examples of its type. However, the lower date seems to read 1282 A.H. (A.D. 1865/6), although the twos are both reversed. The presence of two conflicting dates on one piece does not mean, of course, that both should be disbelieved automatically. In addition, the existence of another rug of this type with the date 1293 A.H. is another source of suspicion (cf. no. 100). Nevertheless, this
rug has many positive features." 205x138cm