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Antique Kazak rug with Moghan (Memling) Guls, 19th century, Azerbaijan

Major Spring Auction

Auction date: Saturday 25. May 2013 at 15 o'clock

Rippon Boswell & Co. International Auctioneers of Rare Carpets & Textiles

Lot: 80
Kazak: This elongated Kazak displays five large Memling güls in the green, heavily abrashed field, its inner sides decorated with halved, red hooked diamonds. Two reciprocal trefoil borders accompany the main border, which shows diamonds in the vertical bands and diagonal cruciform flowers in the horizontal bands. Signs of age and wear, several creases. The sides are damaged and in need of repair; remains of the original kilim finishes survive at both ends. The corroded black-brown sections have been partially rewoven.
Origin: South West Caucasus
Dimensions: 277 x 126 cm
Age: Late 19th century
Estimate: 5,600.00
Literature: BAUSBACK, PETER, Antike orientalische Knüpfkunst. Mannheim 1976, pl. p. 47