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Rippon Boswell Antique Star Kazak rug, mid 19th century,  157 x 254 cm (8ft 4in x 5ft 2in), possibly Shikhli village, Kazak Region, Western Azerbaijan.

Lot 1, the famous type A Star Kazak (estimated at DM 180,000), made for an
intense start; called at DM 120,000, bids quickly reached DM 200,000 in DM
10,000 increments until the lot was knocked down at DM 290,000. A rare
Shahsavan tribal bag with a cruciform design in sumakh technique achieved a
new world record when a written bid from the US for DM 39,000 topped what
was offered by two telephone bidders.

THE KIRCHHEIM SALE, ORIENT STARS Auction, Rippon Boswell, Wiesbaden, 6th October 1999.
The evening auction held on 2nd October 1999 was a complete success. An international audience of experts, collectors, dealers and interested people crowded into the auction room to watch as 88 carpets, flatweaves, embroideries, textiles and fragments from the 'Orient Stars' collection, compiled by the Stuttgart couple Waltraut and E. Heinrich Kirchheim, were called for auction.


- Peter Bausback of Mannheim, Germany.
- Waltraut and E. Heinrich Kirchheim of Stuttgart, Germany

Published in Kircheim, E. H.: Orient Stars