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Sotheby's "B" type Star Kazak rug, mid 19th century, Kazak Region, Western Azerbaijan.

Sotheby's Auctions Fine Oriental and European Carpets lot 132

Sale NY6408
A Kazak rug, Southwest Caucasus
New York 40,000 - 60,000 USD
April 15, 1993 10:15 AM

3rd quarter 19th century. Approximately 6 ft. 3 in. by 4 ft. 2 in.

Warp: wool, Z3S, ivory
Weft: wool, Z2 red, 2 - 5 shoots
Pile: wool, symmetric knot
Density: 6 - 7 H, 7 - 8V c
Sides: 2 cords of two warps each, overcast in red.

Ends: Upper incomplete, warp fringe, lower - 1/2 in. kilim (incomplete) warp fringe.

Colors: Cayenne, medium to deep cranberry, sapphire. cypress, azure, cardamom ochre, cordovan, black walnut, peacock blue

Star Kazak rugs, such as the present lot, have long been justifiably appreciated by scholars and collectors for their bold and distinctive designs woven in vibrant colors. The rug offered here is a previously unpublished example from the group of some forty known Star Kazak rugs. The present lot shares with all Star Kazak rugs a schematic design of madder medallions and indigo stars spaced by diagonally oriented polygons on a cream ground. In the article "Star-Kazaks", Hali Vol. 3 no 1, 1980, pp. 17-26. the editors subdivide Star Kazak rugs into four groups (A. B. C. and D) based on design orientation and borders. The present lot falls solidly into Group B. However, with star filled side borders that appear unusual with the group and end borders that appear unusual within the group and end borders generally associated with Group C rugs. Eberhart Herrmann, Asiatische Teppich and Textilkunst vol. I, Munich, 1989. p. 34 lists all previously published Star Kazak rugs with eight known group B pieces. The lot here offered is therefore the ninth known Star Kazak of the B group. The present rug retains much of its original pile and exhibits the range and bold use of color employed the most sought after rugs of the Star Kazak group.