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Antique Caucasian Kazak rug, 19th century, NW Azerbaijan

Lot: 64
Kazak: This rare Genje shows a repeat of wide vertical stripes containing wavy vines decorated with large botehs as well as narrow dividing bands in contrasting colours. A fine weave, a wide range of brilliant colours, glossy pile wool. Original red flatwoven selvedges. Both ends somewhat reduced. Well-preserved pile, but several repiled areas that are barely visible on the face, most of them in the lower section.
Origin: South West Caucasus
Dimensions: 274 x 127 cm
Age: Second half 19th century
Estimate: 3,000.00
Literature: SOTHEBY'S New York, auction of 19th May 1994, # 125 *** RIPPON BOSWELL Wiesbaden, A 37, 14th November 1992, # 73
Major Autumn Auction

Auction date: Saturday 26. November 2011 at 15 o'clock
Rippon Boswell & Co. International Auctioneers of Rare Carpets & Textiles