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Antique Khyzy rug, Fyndyghan village, Khyzy-Bermek Region, (south of historical Shabran, north west of Baku, south of Kuba, north of Shamakhi), Azerbaijan. 145 X 122 cm. published S. Azadi's "Caucasian Azerbaijani Rugs", plate 118

The dark-blue central field is almost entirely occupied by two adjacent medallions (gols). Various diamonds and other small motifs embellish the remaining area. The cross-like medallions each display eight birds with strong tail feathers. Kerimov calls two points to our attention: the hooks, characteristic of Fyndygan, in the green area of the medallions, and the fact that Fyndygans have, as a rule, five medallions (besh goel).
The white-ground main border consists of a row of Memling goels of a special kind, in which white diamonds are surrounded by two goels attached to one another. The minor borders, from inside to outside, are reciprocal triangles (arrow heads), a row of ashiks or dogjiks (amulets), and star-blossoms. A strip of reciprocal crenels encloses the whole.
Warps: Wool, Z3 S, dark ivory.
Wefts: Cotton, Z3, white, 2 wefts: 1st tight, 2nd waved. P: W, Z2; CH, Z2, light brown,
Pile Height: 3.5 mm. Kn:Sy3, \20\H50, W40 = 2,000 Kn/dm2.
Handle: Veivet-like, thin, lightly ribbed.
Selvedge: Thin, ground, white cotton shlrazi.
Colours: 11; red, pink, light orange, yellow, brown (camel hair), reddish-brown, pale brown, midnight-blue, greyish-blue, green, ivory. Condition: Evenly worn. Remarks: A very interesting carpet ornamentally, but the greyish-blue colour is not particularly pleasant.
Literature: L Kerimov III; colour ill. 38. The medallions are identical.