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Antique Khyzy (Khizi, Xızı) horse cover (chul), dated 1314=1897, Khyzy District (south of Shabran (Devechi), north west of Baku), Azerbaijan

 Lot: 146
Azeri Horse: Cover A splendid flat-woven horse cover by the Azeri Turks from the southern Caucasus. The cover consists of two panels woven separately and joined at the centre. Three wide horizontal panels at the lower end show animals, humans and plants; the section above, plain red at the centre, is also decorated with imaginative animals around the tabs for the horse´s neck. Excellent quality, very good condition.
Origin: South Caucasus
Size: 173 x 127 cm
Age: Dated 1314 = 1897
Estimate: 4.400,00 €
Literature: VOLKMANN, MARTIN (ed.), Alte Orientteppiche. Ausgewählte Stücke deutscher Privatsammlungen. Munich 1985, no. 80

Major Autumn Auction
Auction date: Saturday 05. December 2009
Rippon Boswell & Co. International Auctioneers of Rare Carpets & Textiles