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Antique Kuba rug with Afshan gül motif, Southern Hillside Kuba Region, North East Azerbaijan.

177 x 142 cm, 1900

A concentric, hook-rimmed diamond is woven into the centre of the midnight-blue field. Around this diamond, a number of ornaments are grouped symmetrically. In addition to the palmettes, the fork-vines (islimi) are particularly prominent. On the sides, they are arranged in pairs, at the top and bottom in groups of four. The remainder of the field is covered with palmettes, lozenges, octagons, stars etc. in various designs. We encounter many of these ornaments in Pirebadil carpets as well, particularly the islimi and the large palmettes. The main border consists of a bent and broken vine meander on a brownish-red ground decorated with large rosettes and white blossoms. This is a variation of the gulbudagy or gul budagly, which we have already encountered on plate 34 in a Pirebadil carpet. Two minor borders with carnations on a dark-blue ground (karanfil) surround the main border.

Warps: Wool,Z3S, light ivory, several warp-threads dark brown and light brown.
Wefts: Wool+Cotton, Z2, brown to blackish-brown or white, 2 wefts: 1st tight, 2"d waved. Pile: Wool, Z 2, Pile Height: 4.5 mm.
Knots: Symemtrical 3, \, 35°, H35xV35 = c. 1,235 Kn/dm2.
Handle: Velours, almost thin, lightly ribbed.
Upper End: c. 1.5 cm dark blue wool simple tapestry weave, warp-threads knotted in groups in 4 staggered rows directly after the simple tapestry weave.
Selvedge: Round, almost thin, dark blue wool shirazi, 2 warp-threads wrapped.
Remarks: This is quite a good carpet, thought somewhat overburdened with design, It is made with good wool in a striking design in quite good colours.
Literature: I. Kerimov II, colour ill. 22; also L Kerimov V, colour plate 13, from the Museum of Azerbaijani Carpets and Applied Art.

published at Siyawouch Azadi "Azerbaijani Caucasian rugs" plate no: 45