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Baku carpet with floral decoration. published Enza Milanesi: "The Carpet".

Northeastern Caucasus, Azerbaijan. 19th century. Venice, Rascid Rahaim Collection

The afshan and kharshang designs, reproduced here full-field, are typical of carpets from the region of Kuba; therefore, the provenance of all Caucasian carpets that contain them is usually attributed to Kuba, although such designs were also common in the region of Baku. Thus, only by examining the colors (which are stronger and richer in Kuba carpets) and the carpet's structure can we determine their true provenance. This particular specimen takes its inspiration from the floral models of the courtly period: In it, we recognize the afshan design with the white central rosette and the four long-stemmed, forked leaves, as well as the large, roundish rosettes and the sunburst palmettes. The main border is embellished with a Kufic motif.