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19th century Kuba rug, Southern Hillside Kuba Region, Devechi (Divichi)-Shabran District, possibly Lajadi or Biliji village, North East Azerbaijan

Sotheby's Sale: W02872 | Location: London, Olympia
Auction Dates: Session 1: Wed, 16 Oct 02 2:00 PM

LOT 90 (of 102)

Property of Various Owners
W - A Bidjov rug, East Caucasus, first half 19th century

4,0006,000 GBP
176 by 121cm., 5ft. 9in. by 4ft.

This lot contains 1 item(s).

This rug is a rare and early example of its type. The Bidjov design, clearly descended from earlier Caucasian and Persian palmette and curling leaf carpets, is seen here in a spacious format which is much more reminiscent of these earlier prototypes than the majority of the rugs of this group. This rug also has an especially wide range of asymmetrical minor motifs scattered amongst the broadly symmetrical palmettes and leaves, and the bottle-green ground colour is an attractive and unusual deviation from the more usual indigo or blue-black. Of particular rarity, however, is the combination of the Bidjov design with a border of stylised flowerheads and slanting leaves more commonly associated with rugs of the Chichi group.

Previously sold at Rippon Boswell, Wiesbaden, Germany, November 1987, lot 137.