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Antique Kuba rug, Southern Hillside Kuba Region, Devechi (Divichi) - Shabran District, North East Azerbaijan

48 Biliji
Divichi district, Kuba 183 X 135 cm Around 1880

The midnight-blue central field is ornamented with rows of serrated giant palmettes. These are executed in lighter shades of red and orange, whereas the giant leaves, which lie over them like a wreath, are all designed in dark colours like dark-blue and dark-green. Other motifs like stepped squares (Memling göl) lozenges, rosettes and above all alternating pairs of animals surround this vertical row in the middle of the carpet.

L. Kerimov sees one animal pair as dogs. In his opinion, the ancestors of the Azerbaijani who were fire worshippers (Zoroastrians), venerated them. But even Muslim farmers and nomads prized sheep dogs which they treated very well. Rows of geometrically-designed arabesque-palmettes are arranged to the right and left of the vertical central row. The classic Kufi (shami) main border is framed by two minor borders with blossoms. Within this border groups is a white-ground minor border with star-and-vine meander design.
Warps: Wool,Z3S,light ivory.
Wefts: Wool + Cotton, Z 2, dark brown or ivory + white, 2 wefts: 1st tight, 2nd waved.
Pile: Wool,Z2, Pile Height:3.5mm.
Knots: Sy 3, \, 45 °, H 70 x V38 = c. 2,660 Knots/dm2.
Handle: Velvet-like, not thin, ribbed. Upper End: c. 1.5 cm wool flat-woven end, 2 blackish-brown, rows of countered wool soumak, then warp-threads in groups braided diagonally in 4 rows, fringes emerging at the top rear side. Lower End: Like upper end, but midnight-blue soumak rows.
Set: Round, thick, dark blue wool shirazi, not original.
Colours: 10; crimson, dark pink, light pink, brownish-orange, dark yellow, dark reddish-brown, blackish-brown (oxidised), blue, green, ivory.
Condition: Except for the selvedges and two colour-treated places on the upper end, good..
Remarks: In terms of quality and colour, this is a successful piece, even if the design on the central field is somewhat simplified.

Literature: L Kerimov II, ill. 148, p. 180; L. Kerimov VI, colour plate 12; U. Schurmann, loc.cit., p. 223, No 79 pictures an earlier (1274 = 1857), outstanding piece.
published at Siyawouch Azadi "Azerbaijani Caucasian rugs" plate no: 48