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Kuba Khyrdagul Rug, Azerbaijan, Northeast Caucasus, Size 3'1" x 5'4", Date 1875 - 1900 - Herat Antique Oriental Rugs

Description: This field design is called the Khyrdagyh pattern. It is woven throughout the Kuba district as well as those of Shirvan and Daghestan. Its execution varies considerably from quite geometric and austere to very fluid. This rendering reflects the latter.

This rug is rare and highly collectible in several respects. First, the Khyrdagyh pattern is usually seen on a yellow ground. This has the ivory ground. Secondly, most Kuba-Khyrdagyh rugs are seen with an ivory ground 'crab' border. This rug departs from that norm.

Condition: Excellent. Full pile with no areas of wear, moth damage or wear creases. There is an isolated area of high-quality re-piling across the middle field. The colors are strong and from all natural dyes.

Structure Warps: Wool, ivory. Z-spun, S-plied.

Wefts: Wool, undyed light brown-ivory. One to three shoots. The back has a 'rippled' pattern commonly seen in weaving from the East Caucasus.

Knots: Symmetrical.

Sides: Not original. Re-cast in wool with no loss to the sides.

Ends: Approximately one inch of plain weave, then braided endings, top and bottom. Both the plain weave and the braiding are in good condition.

Price $12,000.00