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Antique Kuba Chichi rug, "Khyrda Gül" pattern, 19th century, Southern Hillside Kuba Region, North East Azerbaijan. dated AH 1298 (1881 AD). 1.22 X 1.52m (4'o" x 5'0"). published at Ralph Kaffel's Caucasian Prayer Rugs. plate 51.

This example represents the most popular type of Chichi prayer rug, executed in an abstract floral design that Liatif Kerimov has termed Khirdagyd. The field of this rug achieves an illusion of depth by the pronounced use of abrash and by the uncluttered positioning of the floral and star motifs. The gently arched golden yellow mihrab appears to float on a cerulean blue field, enhancing the impression of depth. Khirdagyd Chichi prayer rugs most often feature one of two border designs: the pattern of slanted bars and rosettes of this rug, or the stylized "Kufic" border. The guard borders of hexagons containing stepped flowerheads, and the narrow minor border in an undulating ribbon pattern on a light blue ground, are typical features of Chichi rugs.