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Antique Kuba Dragon flatweave rug, second half 19th century, Northern Kuba Region, North East Azerbaijan

464 Although closer in colour and design to the more usual dragon soumaks, this example, nevertheless, has several unusual features. The positioning of the highly stylised dragons themselves uncharacteristic; three pairs of white-ground rectangles with triangular heads, serrate-edged feet and containing red and blue comb-like motifs, are positioned at equal distances down each side of the field, sitting on the broad blue or green leaves; these are the dragons which, as in the nest example, are found more normally on the red field between each leaf system, spaces occupied in this example by yellow and blue (or white and blue in the case of the topmost pair) geometric configurations which have only the slightest hint of zoomorphism. This is a beautiful rug, with a very attractive border system (the outer red-ground running dog guard, seen a top and bottom, having been removed from the sides). Its age is difficult to determine—cf. the discussion of the age of dragon soumaks in relation to the next rug. Probably second half 19th century. 317x 171 cm


Lit: Ian Bennett's Oriental Rugs Volume I
published Ian Bennett's Oriental Rugs Volume I, plate 464