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Antique Shirvan rug with Konagkend design, Azerbaijan

from Khakshouri Collection
195 X 134 cm Around 1900

This piece, too, shows the generous ornamentation in the central field which is characteristic for this group. In contrast to the previous piece, this carpet has a central field on a red ground and a medallion on a dark-blue ground. The inner drawings of the core medallion and the four octagons in the corners are decorated with a herati-like motif. What is missing are the four triangles, but instead, there are four octagons with a crescent or C-shaped inner drawing. Two of these motifs have also been used for the bulges of the dark-blue medallion.
The main border on a light ground is identical with that of the previous rug. Two carnation borders flank the main border. Instead of the outer reciprocal crenellated border, this one has a reciprocal triangle border. On the whole, this piece has a richer ornamentation than No 51.

Warp: Wool, Z3 S, light ivory + dark brown; (1+2 and 2+1).
Weft: Cotton, Z 2-4, white, 2 wefts: 1st lighter, 2nd waved.
Pile: Wool,Z2,Pile Height:2.5mm.
Knots: Symmetrical 3, \, 65, H65, V40 = c. 2600 Kn/dm2.
Handle: Velvety, thin, ribbed.
Upper End: c. 0.6 cm white cotton simple tapestry weave (Z6S).
Lower End: c. 1 cm, other than that, like upper end.
Selvedge: 0.5 cm wide white cotton shirazi around 2 ribs in figure-of-eight wrapping with supplemental threads.
Colours: 9; dark red, dark yellow, beige, dark reddish-brown, blackish-brown, midnight-blue, blue, green, ivory.
Literature: L. Kerimov II .p. 195, ill. 160. Ulrich Schurmann, loc. cit., p. 275, colour ill. 103 published a world-class piece.

from Siyawouch Azadi "Azerbaijani Caucasian rugs"