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Kuba (?) floral carpet, 18th century (Khanate Period), Azerbaijan.

Türk ve Islam Eserleri Museum, Istanbul.

Acquired 9 April 1915. Inv. no. 41

(3078) from the library of Köse Ömer at Erzurum
185 x 365 cm

Light Yellow ground.
Red (dark yellow) and brown octagons are joined by brown stems to dark yellow palmettes. The octagons contain small palmettes with blue, yellow and red elements, outlined in brown The small palmettes flank a rosette. Small brown and large dark yellow serrated palmettes alternating on the central axis contain small white, brown and blue flowers. Other motifs include large dark yellow reversed palmettes with white dots and with two segmented blue leaves joined to small blue-petalled palmettes, linked by stems and rosettes of various colors. Alternating large yellow and dark blue rosettes contain smaller rosettes of the opposite colour and full the space between groups of palmettes. Stems circling the two octagons in the side axes join in the centre via a dark yellow palmette. The pattern is repeate, somtimes in recerse, over the length of the field.


Borders: Yellow ground. Small white rosettes and small palmettes, outlined in brown, linked by a fine brown curving stem. Minor borders - 6 cm wide. Reciprocal trefoil design in brown and white, outlined in red. Guard stripe - brown stripe between main and minor borders.


Warp: Z2S wool, brown and ivory

Weft: wool, brown and white, two shoots

Knots: symmetrical, 34 H X 38 V = 1292 per square dm
Pile: wool, coarse, loosely twisted and slanting to the left, cut short
Colours: red, blue, yellow, brown and ivory
condition: one end is missing and there are large holes and tears in the field - worn.

Yetkin, Serare, Early Caucasian Carpets in Turkey, Vol. I, London, 1978, pl. 62.