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Antique Kuba Seychour rug, late 19th century, Northern Kuba Region, North East Azerbaijan.

Sotheby's Sale: W02872 | Location: London, Olympia
Auction Dates: Session 1: Wed, 16 Oct 02 2:00 PM

LOT 11 (of 102)

Property of Various Owners
cW - A Seychour rug, North East Caucasus, third quarter 19th century

4,0006,000 GBP

MEASUREMENTS: 151 by 109cm., 5ft. by 3ft. 7in.

The diagonal cross design is one of the most typical Seychour field patterns, and its rendition here is particularly exuberant and colourful. It is thought that the roots of this design can be found in Ukrainian and Azerbaijan embroideries (Tschebull, Raoul, Zeikhur, Hali issue 62, April 1992).

This rug's border design of repeating blossoms is also a feature that merits attention, as this pattern is more commonly found adorning the field. Furthermore, in the present lot there is only one, wide border - as opposed to the much more commonly encountered arrangement of minor border(s) flanking the major border. This blossom design shows an European influence that began to infiltrate the Caucasus in the early 19th century (Schurmann, Ulrich, Caucasian Rugs, Munich, 1964, pl. 117, pp. 302-303).