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A Northern Kuba rug, Qusar District, North East Azerbaijan.

50 Lejedi
Divichi district, Kuba
163X110 cm
1st quarter of 20th century

The midnight-blue central field shows three vertical rows of rising animal and plant motifs. Plants and animals do not rule each other out, but they complement one another and to some extent, they even merge into one another. The different palmeues are surrounded by animal couples (mainly probably birds as totem animals) which are arranged symmetrically. What we described in No 49, the previous piece regarding the Goklan-like gols, can also be observed here. In the centre, we can see the composition of two bird heads around a pole like in the previous rug. This pattern is repeated in the bottom of the centre. What Is striking and dominating is the kabala pattern as outer border which used to be and/ or still is considered as a characteristic feature of Zeikhur carpets. It is quite common for the wide kabala border to be combined with an even wider, yet inconspicuous border of vine meanders. The inconspicuousness is a result of the finely drawn rosettes the colours of which are. almost tone-in-tone.

Warps: Wool, Z3 S, ivory.
Wefts: Wool, Z2, dark brown and blackish-brown
(each), 2 wefts: 1st tighter, 2nd waved.
Pile: Wool, Z2, Pile Height: 4 mm.
Knots: Symmetrical 3, \, H60 x V32 = 1,920 Kn/dm2.
Handle: Velours, almost thin, lightly ribbed.
Upper End: c. 2 cm wool flat-woven end, c. 1 cm 3 rows of weft twining followed by warps cross-braided in groups in 3 rows, fringes come out at the top rear side. Selvedge: c. 1 cm wide dark blue wollen shirazi around 3 ribs in figure-of-eight wrapping with supplemental threads.

Literature: L. Kerimov II, colour ill. 18.
published at Siyawouch Azadi "Azerbaijani Caucasian rugs" plate no: 50