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Mid-19th century Kuba long rug, North East Azerbaijan.

Lot: 152
Zeikhur On account of stylistic idiosyncracies and technical features, such rare Kuba carpets, with the Khirdaghyd design on a yellow ground and a distinctive border area, probably belong to the Zeikhur group. The few published examples resemble each other so closely that a common origin in a closely defined area can be considered a certainty. – Replaced selvedges, several restored areas.

Origin: East Caucasus, Kuba region
Size: 315 x 105 cm
Age: Mid 19th century
Estimate: 17.500,00 €
Literature: TKF-WIEN (publ.), Antike Orientteppiche aus österreichischem Besitz. Vienna 1986, no. 59 *** WILLBORG, PETER, Textile Treasures from five centuries. Stockholm 1995, no. 26 *** SOTHEBY'S New York, ""The Sailer Collection"" auction, 1/19/1998, # 83


Rippon Boswell
Major Autumn Auction
Auction date: Saturday 05. December 2009 at 03 PM