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Seychour long rug, Eastern Caucasus, Kuba district

Long Rug, late 19th century

This is a particularly lively example of a rug design attributed to Seichur, a village in the Kuba region near the Daghestan border (in Azerbaijan). The cruciform element, the diagonal arms, and the double white border are typical of Seichur rugs, as are the fine weave and saturated colors such as salmon pink and vivid yellow. Especially noteworthy in this piece are the little touches, such as the alternation of the red-petalled rosette in the very center with white rosettes in the adjoining sections, suggesting careful planning and design.

SIZE: 122 x 46 1/2 in. (310 x 118 cm.)
WARP: wool, Z3S, depressed; ivory
WEFT: wool, Z2S x 2; light brown to brown
PILE: wool, Z2S, symmetrical knots pulled to the right, h. S, v. 9, 72 k/sq. in.; ivory, beige, black-brown, dark red, red, pink, yellow, green, blue-green, light blue-green, blue, light blue, light purple
ENDS: 6 rows of blue wool countered sumak, off-set
SIDES: blue wool selvedge of 3 cords of 3 warps each

photo and information from NERS