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Antique Shirvan rug, Northern Shirvan Region, possibly Arjiman / Archiman village, late 19th century, Azerbaijan

Plate no: 81
Arjiman rug
Shemakha district, Shirvan
265 X 143 cm
Early 20th century

The dark brownish-red central field shows a row of medallions (i.e. the tek göl principle, see also the previous description) with two appendages (kubpa and/or bashlyk) which have a very strong geometrical design here and show diagonal lines. In contrast to most Arjiman, the faruhar's colour is not fiery red, but dark-blue. What is striking in the inner field is the sequence of squares with different background colours, yet the same patterns. These are four crescent-shaped motifs which are symmetrically grouped around a lozenge. The main border on a light ground is decorated with the hörük motif (plait), too. Two stripes of rosettes enclose the main border. Inside, there is a reciprocal crenellated border (madakhil).

Warp: Wool, Z3S, dark beige-brown, 2X light beige + 1 X dark brown or 1 X dark beige + 2 X dark brown.
Weft: Cotton, Z2-3, white, 2 wefts: 1st tighter,2ndi waved, at the sides sometimes 3-4 wefts. Pile: Wool, Z2; Pile Height: 4,5 mm. Knots: Symmetrical 3,\, c.35°,H 40,V 38 = 1,420 Kn/dm2.
Handle: Velours, almost thin, lightly ribbed.
Upper End: c. 3.5 cm wool flat-woven end in beige to brownish beige, 1 cm while cotton simple tapestry weave (C, Z3), 2,5 cm warps knotted in staggered groups.
Lower End: Like Upper End.
Selvedge: Round white cotton shirazi, 4 warps
wrapped with additional cotton threads.
Colours: 8; dark brownish-red, dark violet-brown, dark brownish-orange, dark yellow, blackish-brown, blue, green, ivory.
Condition: Apart from the repaired squares, good.
Remarks: On the whole, the rug gives a darker impression than the previous ones.
Literature: L Kerimov V, colour ill. 60.

from Siyawouch Azadi "Azerbaijani Caucasian rugs"