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Antique Shirvan or Baku rug, 19th century, Azerbaijan

84 Arjiman (according to Kerimov)
Shemakha district, Shirvan
296 x 142 cm Late 19th century

The midnight-blue central field shows six stepped hexagons in a vertical row. Their design is concentric, while the inner hexagons have hooks. There are two triangles with hooks instead of the flame motif (faruhar) at the top and bottom. However, it is not certain whether this is a different type of Shirvan which does not show any flame motifs at all. Large rosettes appear in staggered rows on both sides of the medallion. Small colourful octagons that are aligned surround the medallions like a wreath.

The main border on a light blue ground shows a bent, broken and crosswise vine meander which is set off on both sides with lozenge-palmettes with two bird heads each. In the centre of the vine meanders, two triangles are connected to one another at the tip, forming a motif which the Turkmen know as dagdan (incense jar, used as a talisman). Two stripes with a brownish-red ground enclose the main border. They are decorated with three motifs that are alternating; a circle, a cross and pounces.

Warp: Camel Hair, Z 3 S, light brown.
Weft: Cotton, Z 2, white, 2 wefts waved.
Pile: Wool, Z 2; Pile Height:5mm.
Knots: Symmetrical 1, H 45, V 30 = 1,350 Kn/dm2.
Handle: Meaty, almost tick, coarsely
Upper End: c, 0.7cm remainder of a wool flat-woven end, 0.5 cm cotton simple tapestry weave, then 1-2 rows of red wool simple tapestry weave.
Lower end: c. 1 cm white cotton simple tapestry weave, after 0.7 cm two rows of dark red wool simple tapestry weave.
Selvedge: c. 0.8 cm white cotton shirazi around 2 ribs in figure-of-eight wrapping with supplemental threads which extend far into the fabric.
Colours: 12; dark red, dark brownish violet, pink, yellow, light beige, blackish-brown (oxidised), midnight-blue, blue, lihgt blue, green, light green, ivory. Condition: Good.
Remarks: An excellent carpet with good colours, considerable abrash.
Literature: Not identified by L. Kerimov.

from Siyawouch Azadi "Azerbaijani Caucasian rugs"